A journey of love, experimentation and gender change

Extract from Tuesday, 12th July, 2011

From “Chapter 21 – Culture with Paul, Sex with Jim”

Just before lunch, I had a call from Jim. “I know you’re out at Tai Chi tonight Terri, but couldn’t I meet you after for a drink?”

I relented, gave him my address, and strict instructions not to be later than nine-fifteen.

He promised to be on time. “Oh, and I have a request … could you not wear a bra?”


I rushed home from Tai Chi, changed and was ready by ten past nine. Exactly on time, my phone rang.

“I’m outside.”

I went out to meet him. He looked at my short skirt and cropped top. “I hope you’re not wearing a bra.”

We kissed as I put my arms around his neck, and he lifted my top up until my boobs were exposed. He took his time caressing and fondling them before pulling my top back down again.

“You’re so hot … especially without a bra.”

“I hope you’re not going to half undress me every time we meet.”

“At least half undress … sometimes more!”

We walked to the nearest pub, drank and talked. By closing time, I was getting used to his hand sliding up under my skirt or into my top.

As we stood outside my front door, he lifted my top up to get at my boobs again.

“Can I come in?”

“Do you want a cup of coffee?”

“Err, no.”

“You’ll have to be gone by midnight.”

“Or you’ll turn into a pumpkin?”

“A man-eating pumpkin.”

“I can’t wait!”

As I closed the front door, Jim was lifting my top over my head, and then he pulled my skirt down. I reached the sitting room wearing just my pants and shoes.

“They’re knickers! Hey, where are you going now?”

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