A journey of love, experimentation and gender change

Extract from Friday, 22nd April, 2011

From “Chapter 14 – The attack”

Sure enough, Friday was a real scorcher, with temperatures into the high 20s. The business suit was too warm, particularly as the meeting with departmental directors and councillors was held in an airless room. I’d chosen the lightest weight suit in the hope I wouldn’t overheat, but I still did.

The meeting started mid-morning, and I went to the Town Hall with my boss David. At one o’clock there was a buffet lunch, and then the meeting resumed.

We finally got out of there at just after four-fifteen. David wanted to talk over a few points, and it was gone five by the time I got away and dashed home.

After a quick shower, I put on one of my short halter summer dresses with no bra, as it was bound to be hot in the pub, and warm enough to walk home without a jacket.

I got to the pub just in time to buy a round of drinks for the rest of my quiz team. ‘Typical – couldn’t have arrived a few minutes later, could I’. Besides Sheree and Carla, the team included David, and two other men from the office, Alan and Paul.

We got off to a good start, and were leading by half time. David had amazed everyone with his knowledge of the most obscure things. The halfway point signalled a break for a ‘pub-grub’ supper. It did a great job of soaking up most of the alcohol.

About nine-thirty, the quiz started again. The team was doing well right up to the last question – twenty faces with no names. We only knew half, and lost to the team from Corporate Strategy by a single point.

I eventually kissed Sheree and Carla ‘goodnight’ well after eleven, and started the twenty-minute walk home. It had been a great evening, even though we hadn’t won, and I smiled to myself most of the way home.

After half a mile, my route took me way from the main road down a residential street. I was vaguely aware of someone with his hood up, coming across the road at an angle towards me. I remembered thinking, ‘Isn’t he hot in there?’ About four or five feet in front of me he stopped, and I heard someone else coming up fast behind.

I didn’t get a chance to turn or call out as the person behind slammed into me and put his hand over my mouth. I saw the flash of a blade from the hoody in front, and froze as he came towards me.

“Don’t say nuffin’ or make a sound.”

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