A journey of love, experimentation and gender change

Extract from Friday 11th February 2011

Chapter 11 – Making love with Sheree

“Come on Terri, now mum’s gone to bed, we want to see your new boobs.”

Carla agreed. “Yeah, we’ve been waiting weeks to see them.”

“We’ll I didn’t want you to see them at first … they were swollen and looked really false.”

I took my top and bra off, and they inspected my boobs. Sheree touched and squeezed them gently. “They look pretty good, and they feel nice to.”

“The surgeon said they’d continue to improve in look and feel for up to three months.”

Carla yawned and sat down on the bed. “I can’t imagine what it must have been like having something loose in your bra … I’d be petrified they’d drop out, or something.”

“It nearly happened a couple of times.”

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