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All Change For Fleetwood – published in paperback

We’ve just had the good news – my book is now listed in the paperback version on Amazon!

So, if you don’t have an e-reader, you can now buy and read the physical printed version of my book “All Changhe For Fleetwood” … just follow the links below:

“All Change for Fleetwood” – Paperback US

“All Change for Fleetwood” – Paperback UK

Published for all eReaders

More hurrahs! From today, 1st May, my book ‘All Change for Fleetwood’ is being published for all the main eBook platforms. If you read books on your Apple iPhone or iPad, on Kobo or the Barnes & Noble ‘Nook’ … you’ll soon be able to buy a copy of my book for your device. TheContinue Reading

Published on Kindle

Hurrah! Today ‘All Change for Fleetwood’ was finally published for Kindle on the Amazon site. It’s taken several grueling rounds of editing to get the book ready … but we finally made it. Many thanks to James, my publisher for his help, encouragement and nagging. The links for for the Kindle version are: Amazon.co.uk –Continue Reading

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